The grill outs include both Varsity & JV as those teams play at the same time, so I have created groups consisting of both Varsity & JV parents so we can get to know one another and make it fun for all the players.

I will send an email to each group so you can all interact and plan who is bringing what. We have a grill at the field with plenty of propane, so it's simply a matter of setup and clean up.

Meals are generally dogs, brats and/or burgers, chips, drinks and desserts.

Here are the dates & groups:

Thursday, April 4th: Group 1:

Biegert, Braun, Brings, Brisk, Cantin, Chalupnik


Tuesday, April 16th: Group 2

Brown, Buscher, Christenson, Dahl, Forsyth, Gaughan


Tuesday, April 23rd: Group 3

Huotari, Johnson, Opay, Green, Hansen, Hook


Tuesday, April 30th: Group 4, RESCHEDULED FOR MAY 22nd.

Gavin, Peeler, Polson, Rund, Roth, Kragerud


Monday, May 20th: Group 5

Weber,  Zahler, LaPlante, Linz, Soeffker, James