Bison Baseball Booster Club Chairman Position:

In July, 2019 the current term for the Bison Baseball Booster Club Chairman will conclude.

We will vote for the new Booster Club Chairman during the May 13th meeting.  The meeting time is at 6pm at the Buffalo American Legion.

The position involves:

  • Organizing and attending Booster Club and BBA meetings (generally once a month from December - June)
  • Working with the Head Coach to set the team budgets for the season.
  • Execution of various team events. 
  • Maintaining the web site.
  • Communicate with the High School Activities Director and 877 Foundation Director.
  • Manage the event committees throughout the season.

A lot of the work can be divided up among the Booster Club members if you delegate well!  It is a very rewarding position, especially when you observe the players enjoying the benefits provided by the Booster Club.

After following up with people who expressed interest in the position, only Matt Rund remains committed to filling the role.

Please read Matt's bio below and plan to attend the meeting on the 13th to place your vote.  We will continue to accept candidates all the way to the vote if anyone remains interested, but please respect the process and send in your bio to be shared as early as possible so people can make an informed decision.

Here's Matt's Bio:

"Hello, I'm Matt Rund and I'm interested in being the next Baseball Booster Club Chairman.

My son Jackson is in 10th grade and has played baseball in Buffalo his entire life. I have coached, been a board member and now run an umpire organization supplying umpires in the area for 9u through High School.
I have been around baseball in Buffalo the last 10 years and watched the High School program grow and would like to move forward with the great strides we have made over the last couple of years.
One area I see as key in progressing the program is developing a way to more efficiently communicate out to all who are involved and have kids currently playing as well as our future HS players. This has been a challenge in the past and while developments have been made with Twitter, using the BBA website and attempting to reach all via email I believe we can take this forward for more effective communication. 
Another area I would like to put emphasis on is getting and keeping kids involved at younger ages and wanting to become HS players. I believe we can o this with HS player/youth player camps, Invitation and special events at HS games for youth teams with recognition of them at those games and making the HS baseball team more prevalent in our community.
Thank you for considering me for this position.
Matt Rund"
As the outgoing Chairman, let me say simply that I have enjoyed serving as the Bison Baseball Booster Club Chairman.  I wish to thank everyone who served on a committee or as Committee Leaders, and to the many volunteers who stepped up to fill the needs of the Booster Club as we worked to make a difference for the players, the program and the school.  We have managed to leave it better than we found it!
Seth James
Bison Baseball Booster Club Chairman